June 14, 2014
1 Year, 7 months and 26 days since
our Reunion.

The UNofficial Semi-accurate Tally!

After nearly 3 months of recovery and rehab, we are pleased to offer a preliminary tally of how the numbers for our 50th reUnion turned out.


1. ATTENDANCE: 254 people attended one or more activities (187 classmates and 67 guests).

2. FINANCES: After all the bills were paid we have $8,471 in the bank which will be turned over to the Coyote Connections Fund for further action.

3. CONNECTIONS FUND: During the Assembly on Saturday we presented 2 (two) $2,500 scholarships to very deserving students from the WFHS class of 2014 and Midwestern State University added $500 to each scholarship. All total we raised more than $14,000 to assist students and staff of WFHS and we hope to build on that significantly in the future.

4. MERCHANDISE: We currently have more than $1,500 dollars of inventory which we plan to 'liquidate' in the near future for those who are shopping for those special occasions which will require nothing but the best.

5. FUTURE PLANS: Since not all the reConnections were completed during this momentous occasion, discussions were held to "Do it again in five, if we're still alive." Our website is paid up for approximately 2 1/2 more years and we plan to maintain it as a tool for continuing communications and planning.




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